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Flat Bed


Also called flatbed trailer, flatbed truck. A Flat Bed is a truck or trailer having an open body in the form of a platform without sides or stakes. An open truck bed or trailer with no sides, used to carry large objects such as heavy machinery, cars, or houses.



A Dry Van is a simple, enclosed non-climate controlled rectangular trailer that carries general cargo, including food and other products that do not require refrigeration. Usually loaded/unloaded through the rear doors, requiring elevated access for forklifts to enter the trailer.

Sprinter. The van that goes the extra mile

It’s the van that hauls cargo, stows gear and raises standards. It’s the van that’s ready for anything, wherever your work or your lifestyle takes you. It’s the van that’s more than a van.

Box truck


It’s the truck that do it all, generally used by companies that need to haul large items such as furniture, appliances, and large boxes.

Enclosed Trailers


Enclosed trailers have many uses: storage, transportation, equipment protection… Whenever you’re transporting or storing items, however, there’s nothing more important than security.



Moving a car isn’t always an easy undertaking. Load Master Movers have the right hauler for the job. Choose from a range of sizes and materials, including pine or steel flooring, to find the right trailer for you.

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